Knowledge is more than pushing data. It's about far-reaching concepts and their complex relationships.

IPQ Analytics' unique risk assessment platform involves advanced analytics, integrated technologies and statistical modeling to provide our clients with highly effective solutions for enhanced decision making, improved outcomes and higher return on investments. IPQ Analytics is particularly sensitive to the unique needs of its constituents who span life science organizations, investment funds, government institutions, payers and providers.

The foundation of our analytics platform (patent pending) is our ontology-based technology to extend knowledge dimensions spanning the clinical, molecular and commercial domains using natural language queries.

Our ontology interprets our client's specific problems by interpreting relevant concepts and relationships and mapping the extended knowledge dimensions against existing data in disparate content repositories.

The dimensionality of extended knowledge is then reduced to incorporate commercial priorities. Corresponding data is aggregated for further analysis based on a "pull" not "push" model. In a final step, the "pulled" data is analyzed using novel statistical models to compute the quantifiable risk for enhanced decision support.

The IPQ platform supports the following main processes:

Illustration of Q-Phase Process

diagram of life sciences