Understanding the problem is the solution

IPQ Analytics delivers comprehensive risk/opportunity evaluation and utilizes a proprietary decision analytics platform that empowers business users by enabling better-informed decision-making. Each of IPQ’s solutions delivers significant value to our clients, but only all three combined provide a comprehensive quantifiable risk evaluation enabling actionable decisions.

Our analytics enable our clients to systematically assess their specific project/program knowledge for additional dimensions of unexplored, yet quantifiable knowledge that may significantly impact their decision making process. Subsequently, we support our clients in prioritizing identified knowledge gaps according to their corporate objectives, and then match and extract relevant data from disparate repositories to support risk quantification based on risk modeling methods. The resulting risk/opportunity profile provides our clients with support to make actionable decisions and improve planning, quality and outcomes.

Assess CT optimization, failed trials and patent extension opportunities, plan scope of engagement, strategic planning, in-licensing, competitive intelligence, post-market drug failures, drug repositioning, reimbursement, personalized medicine, compliance

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IPQ Analytics Suite

The IPQ Analytics suite of solutions can be licensed separately or combined as a suite (the IPQ Analytics Suite), which merges all three solutions, IPQ Identify, IPQ Prioritize and IPQ Quantify into one integrated package:

IPQ Identify

IPQ Identify helps customers evaluate internal project/program knowledge for knowledge gaps that can be the source of unanticipated risk/opportunities. Clients interact with our platform using standard natural language questions. Our ontology-based analytics engine interprets the client’s documentation and enhances decision making with missing critical concepts and relationships extending beyond the initial scope of evaluation.

IPQ Prioritize

IPQ Prioritize quantifies the amount of data available that relates directly to the extended knowledge and reduces its dimensionality based on corporate priorities and other considerations set by our clients. It does so by linking IPQ’s ontology to available datasets on the index level. If our customers do not currently access potentially relevant data, we can suggest options. In addition, we advise our clients on the possibility of missing data.

IPQ Quantify

IPQ Quantify helps quantify risks to provide actionable decision support. During this phase, we aggregate relevant data from disparate datasets and apply novel and standard modeling methods including parametric and non-parametric statistical analyses, as well as novel approaches to risk evaluation to present our clients with quantifiable risk profiles that lead to actionable decisions.