Accurate Medicine

Whereas Precision Medicine focuses on the application of new technologies, e.g. genomics, Accurate Medicine emphasizes  understanding the complexities of the patient and of the disease, and the real world practice of medicine, recognizing their interrelationships and dependencies in real-world medicine.

Next Generation Phenotyping


With an understanding of the breadth and complexity of data available, IPQ works with clients to identify and quantify their most significant challenges, bridging across the healthcare ecosystem. This is the core conduit which allows clients to access the knowledge needed to execute algorithms on all appropriate data. The application goes beyond current standard clinical and financial decision support systems by providing knowledge that is more accurate for a particular patient. IPQ’s platform produces knowledge that allows for a thorough understanding of how disease progresses at an individual level over time.

IPQ Technology

Dynamic Knowledge Analysis Platform

The IPQ Analytics platform is built using a novel approach toward the construction of patient-centric and provider-centric models that form the basis for deep, accurate analytics. Unique algorithms developed for quantum computing enable the integration and analysis of very large, heterogeneous data sources which allows IPQ to expose real-world complexities using NLP and knowledge graph methods.