Life Sciences

Identify, evaluate and convert knowledge gaps into actionable decisions

Life Sciences

IPQ serves organizations that need to mitigate healthcare related risks for performance, safety, quality, outcomes and financial considerations. In life sciences, we assess risks relevant to portfolio management, clinical trial optimization, in- and out-licensing, strategic planning, drug repositioning and competitive intelligence.

diagram of life sciences

In clinical trial risk management, we differ from other vendors in that we go beyond operational risk in the drug development process by testing the hypothesis for unexplored risks spanning the commercial, clinical and molecular domains (Hypothesis Risk vs. Operational Risk). While we assess risk at an early stage, we can already highlight potential issues that may arise in the post launch commercialization phase.

 We also differ from conventional knowledge retrieval systems in that: (a) we interact with our users via a natural language interface, allowing users to express themselves without the need to adapt to the structure and limitation of a typical search interface, (b) we can effectively expand the scope of the questions being asked by the user, (c) we are fully datasource-agnostic and only go after the data that is required to address the question, (d) we take a problem-focused, solution-based approach, and (e) we can quantitatively assess the data in terms of information content, quantity and quality and consistency for evaluation of quantifiable risk..