Knowledge is more than pushing data. It's about far-reaching concepts and their complex relationships


In healthcare, we deliver in depth healthcare technology assessments that advise and inform:

  • Regulatory agencies about risk in approving the commercialization (e.g., marketing) of a drug, device or other technology
  • Payers about which technologies should be included in health benefits plans or disease management programs, addressing issues of cost, coverage and reimbursement
  • Hospitals, provider networks, and other health care organizations about decisions regarding technology acquisition and implementation

IPQ ‘s healthcare technology assessments extend well beyond conventional HTAs in terms of depth, breadth and quality. IPQ’s proprietary ontology based healthcare analytics engine expands common risk and effectiveness considerations into unexplored dimensions, which may be critical for healthcare constituents to make defensible decisions.

IPQ’s unique and comprehensive representation of the healthcare space and our ability to identify and quantify elements of risk enables us to systematically identify and assess a broader set of knowledge dimensions that can identify and evaluate significant risk not included in current practice.

The dimensionality of extended knowledge is then reduced to incorporate commercial priorities. Corresponding data is aggregated for further analysis based on a "pull" not "push" model. In a final step, the "pulled" data is analyzed using novel statistical models to compute the quantifiable risk for enhanced decision support.