Financial Services

Helping investment funds keep a step ahead of industry peers by making better informed investments in the life science sector

Financial Services

In financial services, we help evaluate healthcare related investment prospects as well as opportunities and challenges in specific therapeutic areas.

IPQ’s comprehensive understanding of both the critical knowledge and risk potential in healthcare and life sciences is embodied within our ontology-based analytics platform and enables us to provide improved decision support. This is provided at both qualitative and quantitative levels in a manner that addresses the significant gaps in conventional market reports currently used by the financial services industry.  

The development of a our product/market assessment analysis is performed in two stages:

       diagram of life sciences

  1. Initially, a quantitative model of the proposed market opportunity is created that extends conventional market assessment data by identifying knowledge dimensions that can contribute significant risk although typically not evaluated in current practice.  This extension focuses primarily on clinical aspects of the disease, patient demographics and the commercial and regulatory environment.  This analysis can be used to differentiate potential therapeutic or diagnostic market opportunities and is complementary to conventional market analysis that focuses on products, pipelines and pharmaceutical partnerships.
  2. Subsequent analysis focuses on the molecular and commercial constraints of the drug or diagnostic, both independently and within a designated use, the specifics of trial design, patient inclusion/exclusion criteria, patient and physician compliance issues, risk issues based on side-effects and co-morbidities, etc.